Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer has started! Time to get our tan on... the safe way!

Hello lovely friends!

Today is the start of summer. Although in my area you wouldn't know it! We have such micro climate weather here. Being by the coast you will get , fog, sun , more fog and then travel 15 minutes 80 degree's! It is a real pain to figure out what to wear each day, layers are your friend!

So of course you want to have a tan! But the best way is the safe way, sunless tanner! It sure has come a long way since I first tried them. Remember the days of the stinky orange glow? I do! I was a victim of it....scary to admit.

But with the bad past history I still try sunless tanners. Since my dad had skin cancer  recently. It scared me, thankfully they caught it early and he was treated.

On the hunt for a new one this year. I went searching for reviews. I was first going to try one from Victoria Secrets, but my store is a real pain to get to, so I opted for Bath and Body Works. Plus, I had a coupon! Of course I did!

I looked up reviews before heading to the store. I decided to pick up the

True Blue Spa Bronze Self Tanning Lotion.

Retail is $15 for a 6oz size.  It is enriched with vitamin e which really does help to moisturise your skin and a gold color guide really helps to see where you are putting the lotion.

I exfoliated my skin before I applied it and then applied lotion to the area's that will grab the most color.  I really like the scent, it is light and sort of a flower scent.  It does have a very slight hint of the self tanner scent but nothing that lingers.

When you apply it the texture is a cross of a lotion/ gel feel. It applies easily and dries fast. I let it try for at least 10 minutes to be sure.

The instructions state to wait at least 3 hours before you shower or workout. I waited 4 hours. After that time I had a nice even tan that was not too dark. I like a lighter natural color.  You can reapply it for more color if you want after the processing time.

My color lasted at least 5 days and the fading was the best part. Most unless tanner do not fade well on my skin. I get these weird fade area's. But not with this one, it faded so evenly and I actually didn't even realise it had completely faded until one day I noticed I looked paler again!

I have used this 3 more times and every time I have great results!  I will be buying this again and hope they do not stop making it!

I hope you give it a try too! And have a beautiful tan this summer. 

Be safe and have lots of summer fun!

Until next time xoxo

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