Sunday, June 26, 2011

CVS and Rite Aid Deals week June 26

 Hello lovely savers!

I was disappointed that no one delivered the LA times or the San Fran paper to my area! This has happened before and I have missed out on some coupons I really needed. But I was able to get some amazing deals at CVS. I thought Rite Aid would be my better store but many of the deals listed prior were not in my area.

Since I had hubby home this weekend I asked him to come with me to help with my transactions. I had 3 planned for CVS and 2 for Rtie Aid.

I will go over my CVS list first since this was the biggest deal I have ever done there.

Walking in I already had $15 in extra bucks to use. I used that on my first deal.

Transaction #1

If you spend $30 in products from Frederic Fekkai and Sally Hershberger  you ger $10 back in extra bucks.

Frederic Fekkai mini hair spray $8.99
Sally Hershberger Shaping Creme $12.99
Sally Hershberger Supreme lift spray $12.99

Total after extra bucks $23.03 plus $10 back in extra bucks 
Transaction #2
Lady's speed stick $1.99
Tums                    $3.99
Cologate              $2.79 (this was a rain check)
Band Aids            $2.99
Sally Hansen Salon Effects $10.99
Sally hansen treatment       $2.09

Total with my extra bucks and coupons $10.51

Transaction #3

Kettle Chips Tias $ 2.50x2
Best Foods Mayo $6.29 X2  2nd was free

Total with coupons and extra bucks $4.39

I paid $  38.43 for everything and that does include tax!

My next stop was Rite Aid.


Transaction #1

Oral B 3d toothbrush $2.69 plus $2.69 Up reward

Stayfree pads $2.50X2  plus $2.00 Up reward and some newspapers have coupons!

Total $5.36 and I received a $3 off $15 survey

Transaction #2

Excederin $1.99 plus $1.00 off and $1.00 Video value coupon and $1.00 Up Reward

Orbit gum  3pk $1.99 plus 25 cents off Video value coupon

Ghiradelli chocolate $2.88 plus $1.00 printable

Total  with $1.00 of for watching a Rite Aid video, Up rewards and coupons... .23 cents!!!!

And I have $3 more dollars in Up Rewards to use!

I think this week was the best yet . I was so excited to save so much.

If you have any questions let me know. I hope this was helpful. Let me know the deals you get!

Printable coupons
Kettle Tias Chips $1.00/2

Excedrin $1.00 off

Tums $1.00 off

Ghirardelli $1.00 off

Until next time ...happy saving! xoxo

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