Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello lovely friends and savers!

Today in the mail I received a nice surprise, a $25 gift card for American Eagle. How did I get this? Well I am signed up at .     

I stumbled onto this website and so far I have earned 2 of these gift cards!

So, you are probably asking about did you earn it? Well it is rather simple, you sign up and then after you answer some questions about your lifestyle, etc they will email you when there is a new survey to fill out. They vary, I have answered questions about my tv viewing, magazines I have read to stores I shop at. 

In the email you get it will list the compensation you will receive.. if you fully qualify for the survey or if you get a partial credit for taking the time to see if  you qualify. For example, a full credit would be $10 and partial would be $.50 cents. I have noticed that the longer the survey the more they pay. The credit will show up right away.

They have a list of different ways you can redeem your credits. For me, the best has been American Eagle. Yes, it does take time. I have to earn 45 points to get the $25 gift card. But it is a FREE gift card for taking a little bit of my time to answer simple questions!

Also, they are very fast at sending out the cards. Which is nice. I was worried at first it might be a scam. But it isn't!

Check it out! I get nothing for sharing this with you. I just wanted to share this great site and way to earn free gift cards, travel and movies!

If you try it let me know your thoughts!

Until next time..xoxo

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